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You've entered the Valley Of The Unicorns

(c)Chris Achilleos

"Imagination is the unicorn that lifts us above the mundane chains that binds the minds of many and flies us on fantastic wings to a place where dreams do come true." author unknown

(c)Steve Roberts

Back when the earth was still young and unicorns ran free, the unicorn was sought for the magical powers of its horn. The horn of a unicorn, so it was said, would bring the bearer power beyond what is imaginable. Others believed that ground into dust and eaten, the horn of a unicorn could heal all illness and added many, many years of life to a person. Only the unicorn was not easily captured.
But, as legend has it, there was a way.

(c)Hazel Lincoln

Unicorns were attracted by purity and innocence. Only an innocent maiden, or child, could touch one without being harmed, or bringing harm to a unicorn. If the unicorn was harmed in any way, it was believed that the powers contained within the horn would be diminished.

(c)Susan Dawe

So many a time a hunter would mislead an innocent maiden or child with false promises. Once their trust was gained, the hunter would lead them into the deepest, darkest forests where the unicorn dwells, then set a trap for the unicorn using them to lure the unsuspecting creature. Then, the unicorn would trustingly approach, even resting it's head in the maidens lap, or curiously nuzzling a childs hair or face. Once caught, the hunter would then take the horn, leaving the unicorn in the forest unprotected.

(c)Jean-Pierre Targete

(c)Vicki Lynn


Wonderful World Of Unicorns

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