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The Realm Of The Pegasus

(c)Artist:Chris Achilleos

The Pegasus is a wonderful creature that carries dreams upon its back. But its power does not lie in magic. It lies in the strength and majesty of it's wings, the kindness and stubborness of it's heart and it's powerful body.
All Pegasus are wild by nature. Yet is is kind, almost gentle at heart. They can be ridden only by the one person who can capture it. Once captured, they are intensely loyal and will protect it's master to the death. But it is very difficult to capture one since they avoid people of any race and only land near bodies of water and usually, only at night. Even then, they only land long enough to drink their fill, then they are off once again. They dwell in the mountain tops that rise high above the clouds and are very rarely seen by human eyes.

{c}Artist: Susan Dawe

Being of a strong and stubborn nature the Pegasus is usually drawn to men, but a woman with a determined spirit can also caputure it. But it takes a unique person to capture and tame it. It must be one who shares the same spirit as the Pegasus.

Come smell the rain in the air as you glide on the back of the Pegasus. Feel the wind rush thru your hair. Bask in the strength of the mighty wings as you rise into the night sky...

Now grasp hold of it's mane and hold on tight, and whatever you do...
...Don't Let Go!!

{c} Steve Roberts

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