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You've Wandered Into The Mermaid's Keep

(c)Josephine Wall

Mermaids and mermen are human down to the waist, and fish-tailed below. Mermaids love to sing, and they have beautiful voices that carry easily over the waves. They enjoy using corals and empty shells for jewelry. They also love to play with other fish. The dolphins are their favorites. When they get tired of swimming, all they have to do is to grab the fin of the dolphin and they are carried thru the depths of the ocean. However, they can be seen more often than not, brushing out their long silky hair while sunning on a lily-pad or rock.

(c)Renee Biertempfel

Mermaids come in a variety of sizes and colors, depending on where they dwell. They can be found in the ocean, seas, lakes and even rivers. They are very skilled at hiding and can sense people before they themselves can be seen. Mermen however, are very rarily seen. They hide deep in the depths of the ocean to avoid getting caught in the many traps that people set to capture them. Whereas mermaids will frolick anywhere there is a body of water, mermen prefer to stay in large bodies of water where it is deep and dark.

(c)Dawn Pitre

(c)Jim Warren

Mermen, who are seen less often than mermaids, sometimes are equally as fair skinned or have a stormy appearance. Mermen are more serious as they take their responsiblities to protect the merpeople very seriously. Both mermaids and mermen, according to various legends, are creatures that have the ability to change into human form. Mermen and mermaids don't have any magical abilities in themselves, but the King carries with him a trident that is magical. The King of the Seas uses his trident primarily to protect the merfolk

(c)Steve Roberts

(c) James Christensen

Below is a poem I wrote back in my youth. It has won me a couple of awards and has been published in an American Poetry Anthology. I hope you like it.


Sitting on a lily-pad
Hair falling soft and shiny.
She's a little mermaid
Holding a brush so small and tiny.

Singing a song of the sea
While brushing out her hair.
Scales from her waist to fin
With skin so soft and fair.

Then as a boat sails on by
She jumps into the brine,
And no one even notices 
The brush she left behind.
(c) 1990   Author: Vicki Rivas

(c)Used with Artists Permission

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