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Gryphon's Grotto

All Art on THIS WEBSITE IS FAMILY FRIENDLY, however some of the ARTIST LINKS provided may have adult content which might not be suitable for those under the age of 18.

As you wander thru the Grotto, be on the lookout! Griffins are said to rule the air and land. They are watchful, loyal, strong and swift. They are also symbols of guardianship, protection and the retribution of justice.

The Griffin is a creature with the body of a lion, the wings, head and back of an eagle and they have long claws and talons. The griffin is a large, fierce looking creature that is larger than a shire horse. He flies swift and strong at enormous speed as he bears his heavy prey back to the nest.

(c) Dee Dreslough

A Gryphon has several characteristics. Like birds, they build nests. But instead of laying an egg as we know it, they lay an agate therein. Agate is like a stone or gem. So the baby gryphon is strong from birth since they have to break thru a solid rock like substance.

(c) Julie Gele

They build their nests out of the gold they find in the mountains. This makes their nesting grounds very tempting to hunters, and they are forced to keep vigilant guard over them. Gryphons are also highly instinctive. Their instincts leads them to where buried treasures lay. They love gold and gemstones and are drawn to them as a bird is drawn to worms. They are even known for stealing, when the occasion presents itself. They hoard and guard their possessions with the same savage strength and ferocity that they guard their nest with.

If you have any doubts as to whether or not gryphons are real.. Well, we found a stuffed griffin preserved in a Danish Museum that was shot down by the Belgain huntress Nadine Legrand. So keep on the watch and guard your jewelry carefully as you meander thru the Gryphons Groto.

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