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The Giant's Castle

Careful, as you enter the Giant's castle! They may be sleeping.
Just as there are many different storis about Fairies, Mermaids and Dragons, Giants are also represented in many forms. Some people say that giants live in the deepest mountain caves, or on the highest mountain tops only to be seen by a handful of people because they are very solitary creatures. And some people say that the they are hard workers, loyal to their families and they try to get along with humans. Even helping them when needed. Other people say different.

Some legends say Giants's are mean bullies that like to terrify villages just for the fun of it. That they are forceful and like to destroy the land and roam about looking for humans to feed on. Some tv shows and stories show them as having one eye, right in middle of their foreheads.

Well, I must say, ALL of the giant's I have had the privledge of knowing are the good kind. Why, I even have one for a cousin, altho he looks like a big bear to me. Oh, every once in a while he thinks it is funny to stand in an open field and ROAR really loud and chase the animals and people away. But he is really just a big teddy bear at heart.

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