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All Art on THIS WEBSITE IS FAMILY FRIENDLY, however some of the ARTIST LINKS provided may have adult content which might not be suitable for anyone under the age of 18.

You have entered the Den of Dragons...

(c)Steve Roberts

So, you have mustered up the courage to enter the Dragon's Den. Come on in and look around. Don't worry, these dragons hasn't bitten anyone ... yet.

(c)Artist: Stephanie Pui-Mun Law

(c)Dawn Pitre

Dragons favorite places to live are in old castles and caves, altho they were also known to live in forests. And contrary to popular belief their diets consisted of nuts, berries, fruits and small rodents, not humans. Their favorite pastime was to collect shiny things and them pile their treasures deep in a dark, hidden area. They prefered to sleep on or near their piles of "treasure" to protect it. Often they collected the items left behind on a battlefield, so gold and silver would become part of that bounty that they guarded. Man came to believe that ancient powers were contained in some of these pieces. So knights, mages and many others sought out the dragon's lair to retrieve these valuable pieces.

(c)Chris Achilleos

Dragons once graced the sky with their majestic and mighty presence. In various forms and sizes they soared with the eagles, calling out greetings to one another as they passed in the sky.

(c) Julie Gele

(c)Robin Wood

(c)Artist:Ciruelo Cabral

But as with all things magical and mysterious, their time passed quickly. What once was mighty, are now legendary. Now these great dragons of legend grace our hearts and minds as we strive to capture their magnificience on paper and canvas.
Let us once again allow our minds eye to dwell on the tales of the powerful dragon as we fly with them on their endless journey into the past.

(c) Jean Pierre Targete

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