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Centaur's Retreat

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(c) Isaura Simon

You've located the Centaur's Retreat. As you travel down this path, please be cautious!! Centaur's are known for acting before they think, sometimes with disasterous results.

Centaurs were said to be he offspring of Ixion, the son of Ares the greek war god, and a woman in the shape of cloud. These creatures have the head, arms and chest of a man and the body of a horse. According to other stories some centaurs also have wings and horns. Because of their heritage these creatures are prone to be more violent in nature. Their favorite human drink are alcoholic beverages. They tend to have some pretty wild parties that quite often get out of control. Because of this, they have come to depict the dark forces of nature.

(c) Isaura Simon

(c) Larry Elmore

There are a couple of execptions however. Take for example Cheiron. His father was Titan Cronos. Cronos disguised himself as a horse so his wife would not discover his affair. So unlike the centaurs who descended from Ixion, Cheiron was very wise and kind. Because of this he was asked to tutor Achilles and Hercules, who were just two of many Greek heros.

Cheiron was just one of the many centaurs we read about that are gentle and wise in nature, but because of the bad reputation they have, they tend to hide in deep, dark forests totally secluded from mankind. Occassionally one might catch a glimpse of one. Usually that happens when they are trying to protect an innocent from the natural dangers that exist in the forests with them. Very rarely do they show themselves completely to a person because they are still distrusted by mankind today.

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