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All Art on THIS WEBSITE IS FAMILY FRIENDLY, however some of the ARTIST LINKS provided may have adult content which might not be suitable for anyone under the age of 18.

Deep In The Heart Of The Emerald Cave Lies...

(c)Adele Lorienne

...Creatures of myth, fantasy, dreams and legends. Travel the caverns pathways as they lead you thru the Valley of Unicorns. Gaze upon one of the most powerful and majestic beasts that ever graced the skies in the Dragons Den. Tiptoe thru the Forest of Fairies. Swim with the Mermaids. Soar with the Pegasus...

...If Your Not Afraid
sit back, take a deep breath...and jump...
...Into My World!!!

(c)Jean Pierre Targete

(This is a poem I wrote after reading the Crystal Cave series, about Merlin the Magician, by Mary Stewart)

Artist: Susan Duncan

One dark night, when all was silent,
They crept into the cave.
And there conceived was a child,
Whom all the gods would save.

The unknown dad went off to fight,
While the mother stayed at home.
Now this young child became a man,
And loved to stray and roam.

Then within a mountainside cave,
Powers he found and had mastered.
And this came as quite a surprise,
For he was a Princess's bastard.

The prophesies he told came true,
Each and everyone.
King Vortigern was overthrown,
The Red Dragon had won.

Ambrosius died upon the night
When Merlin was in Killare.
Urther then was crowned the King
To rule a land quite fair.

Urther then fell in love
with the Duke of Cornwalls wife.
Merlin now was called upon
To change anothers life.

Into Tintagel three of them went,
And Urther was satisfied.
While Urther and Ygraine slept that night,
The Duke of Cornwall died.

Arthur was concieved upon that night,
Another prophecy come true.
Then Merlin slept, his powers robbed,
By a creature named Nimue.
Written by: Vicki Lynn (c)1994

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